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Michael Barrett Testimonial

Thomas and I used Smoothline notes in last year’s Nat Cap Rally and right from the start they made things 100% more enjoyable.  They cut recce time down heaps because we weren’t having to stop all the time and make major changes like we’d be doing if we were writing notes ourselves. Once we were […]

Stewy Liddle Feedback

Smoothline notes have steered Michael Lloyd and myself to many, many stage wins in events both over East and in Targa Tasmania. I started Rallying in 2007 initially writing my own notes then using sets from a couple of different suppliers.  I ended up speaking to a few front-running competitors and was steered toward Smoothline.  […]

Matt O’Neill Feedback

I’ve used Smoothline Stage Notes the whole time I’ve been Rallying in WA. Their terminology and descriptions are easy to grasp and knowing my notes are accurate and super-consistent gives me extra confidence flying through stage. It’s easy to see why Smoothline are the choice of many top Rally crews, for the inexperienced pace note […]

Brian & Linda Dermott Feedback

Linda and I want to thank Smoothline for getting a package of notes to us at short notice and guiding us through the process of downloading the GPS file into the new Garmin and being there for us when we were learning, sometimes at odd hours.   When our envelope arrived, we soon realised it […]

The Smoothline Experience Continues to Deliver Success

Courtesy of (27/11/15) With around 60% of the field at this year’s Targa High Country using Smoothline it’s no surprise that the winners of most competitions were using their Stage Notes. When Smoothline’s Bernie Webb presented at the Targa Experience information sessions it was obvious though that their primary focus was anything but outright speed. […]