Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to have notes for each event ready as soon as possible after the course is released which generally takes between 2 and 6 weeks. Sending your order in ahead of time will ensure that we’ll not only have a set ready for your but they’ll arrive when you need them. To discuss your specific needs please contact us through the Contact page.

As with all Stage Note suppliers we sell the rights to use Smoothline notes for one event.  We pride ourselves on providing a premium product and as part of our guarantee we ourselves recce every stage of every event every year.  This ensures receive great value for money and have access to the most up-to-date information every time.

Smoothline notes are available for every tarmac rally in Australia and many gravel events. Our Events page lists all the upcoming rallies we’re preparing for. If you think there is an event we should have notes for but it’s not on the list please contact us.

All Smoothline notes are sent by Express Post.  When you place your order, just enter the date you’re leaving for recce and we’ll ensure this is compatible with our progress. Just get in touch if you’re concerned about notes getting to you in time, we’re here to make everything work for you.

We’ve made the ordering system as easy as possible. If your co-driver has already submitted a Perpetual Agreement then no stress, we only need your signature on the event order from.  If they haven’t yet sent a form through, just make sure your Event Order Form is with us early so we can have a set of notes aside and ready to go for you.  We strive to make the ordering process as painless as possible for everyone.  To discuss your specific needs just get in touch through our contact page or pick up the phone!

Put simply, YES! We need each user to submit a Perpetual Agreement ONCE EVER and from then on you can simply place order through our website. No fuss!

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and we’ve set up our ordering system to give you the most streamlined experience possible.  If you’re more comfortable completing forms with a pen, just click on the “I’d rather complete the forms manually” button when asked to enter your details.

Have a question?

If we can help with anything at all just call, SMS or email.