Thomas and I used Smoothline notes in last year’s Nat Cap Rally and right from the start they made things 100% more enjoyable.  They cut recce time down heaps because we weren’t having to stop all the time and make major changes like we’d be doing if we were writing notes ourselves.

Once we were back from recce there wasn’t much to do on the Smoothline Notes whereas we’re normally up all night re-writing and tidying bits up when we write our own.

Thomas used Smoothline notes the year before when he did car zero with another codriver but I wasn’t so sure about it when he suggested using them in competition.  We’ve always just written our own and have never had any real problems.  After a couple of phone calls to Bernie we decided to give it a go and I’m so glad we did because it took so much stress out of the week.

We’ve been rallying for 25 years and have written notes plenty of times but I’ll use Smoothline notes whenever I can now.