Linda and I want to thank Smoothline for getting a package of notes to us at short notice and guiding us through the process of downloading the GPS file into the new Garmin and being there for us when we were learning, sometimes at odd hours.

When our envelope arrived, we soon realised it was not just another bunch of pace notes books.  It was a comprehensive set of tools to help get the most out of the sport – a tarmac rally enjoyment service. And even after 32 tarmac rallies over the last 19 years, we really needed everything in there.

An expensive and time consuming part of the sport is the dreaded recce which has often been the source of heated squabbles. There is no second driveway after the red letterbox! …. Why can’t you type the right numbers into the GPS? etc etc.

We now know that Smoothline provide thorough and accurate guidance on what order to do the stages depending on how many days you plan to recce, where the stages are on the map, places to stay, get fuel, have lunch … it’s quite amazing. The GPS takes you easily and efficiently to each stage in order.

Although we know Tassie very well and had made our own plan, we did use some of their recommendations and they were good. Bernie is only a call away for personal help, it amounts to a service which transforms the tedious part of the sport into part of the fun.