Smoothline notes have steered Michael Lloyd and myself to many, many stage wins in events both over East and in Targa Tasmania.

I started Rallying in 2007 initially writing my own notes then using sets from a couple of different suppliers.  I ended up speaking to a few front-running competitors and was steered toward Smoothline.  Their notes really stand out as having have the qualities I need to go quickly and of course compete safely.  From the first time I looked at Smoothline notes I haven’t used anyone else’s!

The two guys that write the Smoothline notes, Steve Glenney and Bernie Webb, are among Australia’s elite drivers and co drivers so it makes perfect sense that their notes are professional, accurate and descriptive.

I always like to do a couple of passes of each stage in recce but I’ve spoken to lots of people that are content to run the stages only once, confident that Smoothline notes will be right on the money, every corner, every time.