Brian and I used Smoothline Notes for the first time for Targa Tasmania 2015. With limited time for reconnaissance, we opted to buy these notes and make only one pass of the stages.

We liked the option to decide just how much extra information we wanted with our notes when we ordered them. The notes are well presented making them easy to read in the rally car. There is also a comprehensive glossary of the terms used included. 

We were very impressed with the consistency in the notes and how accurately they described the road, corners, where the car should be placed on the road – which is particularly important over crests!  Over the course of 38 stages, totaling approximately 500km, we only made a handful of changes to the corner numbers, and these changes were made to slow us down for the following corner, as a personal preference.  

As a codriver, I have been particularly impressed with how approachable Smoothline are when I have any queries regarding the notes. I am also impressed with how consistently and accurately Smoothline Notes describe the road ahead.  Brian and I look forward to using Smoothline Notes this year.

 Fleur Pedersen, codriver for Brian Green