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Smoothline is about more than premium quality Stage Notes.  Keep an eye on this page as we share the tips and tricks that will help you perform at your best.

Page Tags

Each set of Smoothline Stage Notes is supplied with a set of Page Tags for both that event covering both your notes and road book.  Instructions for using Smoothline page tags is available by clicking here:  Smoothline Page Tag Instructions


Garmin GPS

One of the many things Smoothline customers receive with their notes is a GPS file of all the event’s key locations.  This goes a long way toward making recce a breeze and will also help keep your service crew happy.

GPS files can be downloaded from each event’s page on the Events tab and can be easily loaded into Garmin & TomTom GPS units.  We use a Garmin 2455LMT which is relatively inexpensive yet very easy to work with.


How to use Smoothline GPS files

Garmin Logo (reflected)   TomTom Logo (Match Garmin Mirror)
Download Garmin Instructions   Download TomTom Instructions



Further GPS Resources (Downloads)

How to save your pre-existing Garmin favourites on your PC

How to place your Garmin GPS in Mass-Storage mode