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About Smoothline Stage Notes

Stage Note Example with CoverAt Smoothline our mission is to produce quality Stage Notes (or pacenotes as they are otherwise known) that empower drivers and co-drivers to enjoy each event by safely performing to the best of their potential. Creating good Stage Notes requires a blend of art and science.

Preparation of Smoothline notes involves careful evaluation of all road features including crests, corner progressions and corner lengths. This attention to detail helps teams perfect the driving line through each corner and over each crest. Our philosophy is to produce notes that allow a driver to “just listen and drive” by reducing the need to process excess information and make critical decisions at speed. In achieving this each word is selected individually, describing the nature of every corner without crowding the stream of information. Glossary Example

The co-driver’s needs are given equal attention with the use of intuitive symbols and timing cues, with every line and page break chosen carefully. These measures make smooth, timely delivery of the notes achievable. Frequent “cumulative distance” measurements are recorded in the notes along with visual landmarks. These give the co-driver confidence they are calling the correct notes and would help minimise the time spent “off notes” should anything go awry.

Smoothline Stage Notes employ the balanced input of both an experienced driver and co-driver. Steve Glenney & Bernie Webb have more than 2 decades combined experience in rallying at all levels, during which time they have excelled in both Tarmac and Gravel disciplines. At present Steve and Bernie drive for the Mazda Motorsport Australia factory team.


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