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Q: I used Smoothline notes for this event last year. Can I just reuse last year’s notes?

A: As with all Stage Note suppliers we only sell the rights to use Smoothline notes for a particular event. We personally drive every stage of every event ourselves each year to ensure that our notes are the most current available.

Q: How do I know whether Smoothline notes will be available for the events I plan to enter?

A: Smoothline notes are available for every tarmac rally in Australia (and select gravel events). Our Events page lists all the upcoming rallies we’re preparing for. If you think there is an event we should have notes for but it’s not on the list please contact us.

Q: When will Smoothline notes be ready for each Event?

A: We strive to have notes for each event ready as soon as possible after the course is released. Depending on the size of the event and where it fits in the calendar this can take anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks. Once the event organiser has announced the course details keep an eye on our Facebook page and the Latest News section of this site for updates. If you have specific needs please contact us through the Contact page.

Q: How are Smoothline notes dispached?

A: All Smoothline notes are sent by AusPost. Our ordering system records when you intend to conduct recce, and we ensure this is compatible with the delivery system. All tracking details are recorded for peace of mind.

Q: I don’t like filling out reams of documentation for each event. Do I have to do that to order Smoothline notes?

A: Put simply, no. All users need to complete an annual agreement once each year and from then on it’s a basic 2-page order form for each telling us who will be in which car, and which notes they’d like ot use. Simple!

Q: My navigator isn’t around to sign the user agreement. Can you send the notes anyway?

A: We’ve made the ordering system as easy as possible. There are 2 options for you. Firstly if you have both completed annual agreements then no stress, we only need one signature on the event order from. Secondly if you haven’t completed an annual agreement then no stress, we have an optional single-event licence agreement that only needs one crew member’s signature. We strive to make the ordering process as painless as possible for everyone!